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Some Car-Sharing Customers in Japan Do not Drive at all

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Car-sharing service companies in Japan have realized that some of their customers aren’t actually driving the cars they rent based on recent article on Asahi Newspaper.

One out of eight customers is not driving at all. They surveyed the customers to find out what they’re doing. They are using the service just to nap in the car, to charge phones in the car or to storage luggage temporary. Some people even answered that they used the car-sharing service to each lunch.

Car sharing customers in Japan pay only 3-4 dollars for 30 min. Many companies provide similar car-sharing services in Tokyo. Car-sharing service companies offer a low basic fee to customers due to competition, and customers pay additional fees based on mileage they drive.

People are seeking private space in a busy city like Tokyo. It is an interesting example of how we unintentionally find out unmet customer needs.

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