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Toyota Implemented AI Inspection Machine Developed by Musashi AI

On March 2021, Musashi AI announced that Toyota Motor Corporation implemented the AI inspection machine developed by Musashi AI in one of the Totaya's headquarters factories in Aichi, Japan.

The official PR release (in Japanese) can be found here.

Musashi AI is a group company of Musashi Seimitsu, a public auto-parts company with 80 + years of history in manufacturing (Monozukuri).

The concept of AI inspection is simple, and a lot of start-ups even here in Silicon Valley are trying to solve this issue especially after the hype of image recognition technique using machine learning.

The concept can be easily proved in the lab or R&D facility with enough defect samples.

But in reality, the big challenge is not to prove the concept but to implement it in the actual mass production line.

You need to understand the factory operation and hardware/PLC configurations and the complexity of figuring out the vague/human-dependent defect definitions in the manufacturing floor.

Plus the number of defect samples is usually very small, especially in the high-quality manufacturing lines.

That is why the fact that Toyota Motor Corporation, arguably, the best carmaker on our planet, has adapted Musashi AI's solution in their mass production line in their headquarter plant is a big deal.

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